Top 5 Candid Wedding Photographers in Bhubaneswar

Top 5 Candid Wedding Photographers in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, the ‘Temple City of India,’ is also known for its glorious, colorful weddings. Bright reds, cheerful yellows, vibrant pinks and jewel tones dominate each wedding – be it in the form of outfits, decoration or the food items. To capture all these colors and festivities, one must hire the right wedding photographer. Hence, we have brought here a list of top five wedding photographers in Bhubaneswar, who will ably capture all the hues through their lenses.

Just Clicked: Krishna and Sidhartha De, the backbone of Just Clicked, are pros in documentary style wedding photography. Krishna, a Software Engineer by profession, is a well-known name in wildlife and street photography. An active blogger, he is equally enthusiastic about latest technologies. Sidhartha, on the other hand, is the soft-spoken happy guy, who is passionate about macros and does wonders while playing with available lights. The talent powerhouses work their magic on every wedding, making it unforgettable for their clients.

Digital Sketch Photography & Films: Eureka Apta believes that a photographer’s best assets are his unique vision and creativity. Coming from a house of photography enthusiasts, Eureka developed a fascination for the art from his very childhood. He learned the basics from his father and brother and later started gaining knowledge about the latest trends and techniques from the internet. His journey has never been easy. However, with sheer patience and hard work, Eureka has become a much sought after name in the photography business in the state of Odisha.

Swarna Digital Studio: The six-member team at Swarna Digital Studio has been providing quality photography services to Odisha for over a decade now. In addition to photography and cinematography for weddings, the professionals here work on corporate assignments and entertainment industry too. Their rich experience in a variety of genre has honed their skills immensely. That’s why, when they shoot a wedding, they create an unforgettable visual marvel, which instantly becomes their client’s prized possession.

PD Photography: Photographer duo, Prabira Kumar and Debraj Jena, love to shoot weddings mainly because the occasions allow them to capture myriad emotions in their purest forms. Capturing one’s big day also lets them travel to unseen places and meet new people; hence, opening the gateway for some interesting conversation. The duo, along with a team of experienced professionals, adds a touch of glamour to every wedding. They are a pro in capturing every minute detail of a wedding – the glances, the laughter, the tears and even the pets. So, one can be rest assured that, their wedding album and video will retain all the memories of their special day, which might fade away from their mind in course of time.

Image Photo Studio: Biswajit Pattanaik has been pursuing the art of photography for over 40 years now and started Image Photo Studio in the year 2004. A receiver of a national award in amateur photography, his business got an edge once Debasis Patnaik joined him. They capture wedding moments with ultimate precision and allow their clientele to treasure every emotion for life.

So, these are the five best wedding photographers in Bhubaneswar. If you need more choices, please visit